Colloidal Gold Overview

Introducing Another Valuable Trace Element Now Available In Colloidal Form: Gold

Colloidal Gold - nutritional support for your physical, mental & emotional well being

Our Colloidal Gold Products

Inspired by the unique, substantial role & properties of noble elements in regards to our health, elemental gold stands out for its ability to support the proper function of our nervous & immune system; especially joint health, cognitive abilities, our mood and DNA protection.

This precious trace mineral has gained widespread interest in medical & nutritional research (Ref. 1)


Who can benefit from Colloidal Gold?

Colloidal Gold may

• Assist people with uncomfortable, stiff joints, decreased range of movement & restless legs

• Positively affect concentration, IQ, mental acuity, memory & focus needed during studies, at school or at work

• Supports and nourishes the endocrine system

• Positively affect hand-eye coordination, visual acuity, sports performance, reflexes & motor skills

• Support people affected by emotional stress, anxiousness & mood fluctuations

• Support a sense of calm & emotional well-being

• Naturally, Increase energy levels

• Nutritionally assist the management of cravings to reduce the need for caffeine, alcohol, narcotics, sugar.

• Assist digestive function

    What is Colloidal Gold

    A natural dietary trace mineral supplement; containing only ultra purified, energised living water and pure elemental gold at the smallest size (nano particulates) possible. We use 0.9999 pure, medical grade 24 carat gold. This is a true colloidal product.

    ‘Colloidal’ means that it is offered in a highly absorbent form, as Nature intended. This product contains no other ingredients such as stabilisers or preservatives.

    Essential elements – a gift from Mother Earth

    It’s no secret how important minerals and trace minerals are to health – yet today, there are far less of the beneficial trace elements available to us: our soils are up to 80% depleted of minerals due to modern farming practices;
    then there is an increase in processed food consumption, and an often stressed digestive system (e.g. due to toxin exposure etc.). That’s why adding key nutrients to our diet can show such amazing results.

    Why Gold?
    Besides being traditionally valued in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, elemental gold is being studied by prominent universities and scientists for its beneficial functions within the human body (Ref. 3,4, 5).

    Logically, Colloidal Gold works most effectively in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

    Our bio-energised Colloidal Gold features

    • utilises the latest development in colloidal technology
    • absolutely no additives / preservatives
    • smallest, (nano size), true colloidal gold particles for superior absorption & utilisation
    • usage of energised, structured water & vibrational
      medicine principles
    • recommended by health professionals

    Suitable for the whole family: Always read the label and use as directed.
    Colloidal Gold is non toxic, non addictive and comes with a superb safety profile. (Ref.2)
    No adverse side effects have ever been reported and there is no known interference with medications.

    1 US National Library of Medicine’s PubMed database.
    2 Encyclopaedia Wikipedia: ‘Gold is completely inert to all chemicals it encounters inside the human body, non toxic and non irritating when ingested gold is an approved food additive.
    3 Effect of colloidal metallic gold on cognitive functions: a pilot study by Guy E. Abraham, M. D, S.A. Mc Reynolds. Joe S. Dill, PhD
    4 Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. 1997 Edition
    5 Duke University Medical Centre Office of Publications, vol. 16, November 2007

    Please note: The references are included are in the interest of consumer education & are not intended to imply that Colloidal Gold has been approved under the Medicines Act for the prevention or treatment of diseases! medical conditions.
    This information is not meant us a medical prescription for any illness or disease.
    Nothing written here should be considered as medical advice. Use as directed.
    If symptoms persist see your health care professional.

    Some FAQ about Colloidal Gold:

    Our Colloidal Gold is 20ppm, we have found this to be an effective strength.

    Yes, it’s a trace mineral supplement that is not known or reported to interfere or interact with medications. Since gold is what is referred to a ‘noble metal’, it does not readily combine with other substances to form compounds; for this reason, there is no known interaction with medications or other supplements such as herbs.

    Yes. As a general rule, a dosage between 5 – 10 ml dosages has shown to be effective.

    No, it is considered a noble metal and is non-toxic. Gold is known to be the most inert element on the periodic table; this means it is not known to react with other compounds or substances

    No, it belongs to the group of ‘noble metals’. The noble metals are gold, silver, and the platinum group of six metals (iridium, osmium, palladium, platinum, rhodium, and ruthenium). When used as a dietary colloidal supplement, Colloidal Gold does not cause heavy metal poisoning.

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