KDF Bench Top filter 30,000 litre (USA)

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KDF Bench Top filter 30,000 litre (USA)

There are a variety of slim line bench top filters available. These filters provide a space saving, extremely portable alternative to the standard style of bench top filters.

KDF process media work to reduce or remove chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, calcium carbonate, magnesium, chromium, bacteria, algae, and fungi.
KDF media exchange electrons with contaminants, changing them into harmless components. During their reactions, electrons are transferred between molecules and new elements are created.


Chlorine, taste and odour will be removed heavy metal reduction and Giardia & Cryptosporidium removal. 30,00 Litre or 3 years use.

KDF/GAC Filter Advantages
● Removes a wide range of contaminants including heavy metals
● Leaves healthful minerals intact producing a tastier mineral water
● KDF neutralizes chlorine
● Low maintenance
● Lower operating costs (about 1 cent per gallon)
● KDF media inhibits bacteria growth within the unit - uses no silver
● 5 to 10 times longer life than GAC-only filter

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