KDF/GAC Under-Bench inline filter 30,000 (USA)

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KDF/GAC inline filter 30,000

An economical undersink water filter unit designed to fit into almost any situation.

The KDF-GAC filter media is designed to remove or reduce a greater range of contaminants from the water while still providing good longevity.

KDF/GAC Filter Advantages
● Removes a wide range of contaminants including heavy metals
● Leaves healthful minerals intact producing a tastier mineral water
● KDF neutralizes chlorine
● Low maintenance
● Lower operating costs (about 1 cent per gallon)
● KDF media inhibits bacteria growth within the unit - uses no silver
● 5 to 10 times longer life than GAC-only filter


This undersink filter unit comes standard with these features and options:

  • Designer Tap of choice
  • 30,000 KDF/GAC inline filter
  • 1µ filtration
  • rated to 850 kPa (125 psi)*
  • take-off valve of choice

Recommended replacement frequency is every 2 years

* Where pressure's greater than 850 kPa or water hammer is likely.

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