About Us

At Origin Health, we believe that health and personal empowerment is our greatest wealth. We are focused on offering you simple, yet essential products and tools that can help you with your health goals.

Linus Pauling (winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and multiple other science rewards) once stated: “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

This statement made us curious, trace minerals seemed rather ‘basic’, but as it turns out, many health professionals and scientists confirm that they are indeed essential. Sadly, the full spectrum of minerals once centred in our soils have vastly decreased due to intensive farming practices. Could this be the reason why providing Colloidal Silver, Gold and other elements can support our immune system so effectively?
We enjoy setting new standards; in this way we create and recommend products that are of outstanding quality. Quality- not only rated by commonly known standards (e.g. the utmost purity of raw materials being used, independent laboratory tests etc.) but also in regards to the new emerging field of science which recognizes the bio-energetic quality of products as well.

Our registered practitioner is specialised in kinesiology. This 21st century, complimentary health modality provides comprehensive biofeedback that gives you the insights and assistance you need to maximize your body’s self healing ability.

Our qualified kinesiologist can be contacted here to make an appointment if required.

Verena and Barry Stevenson