Colloidal Silver Questions & Answers

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Listed below are the most common questions that are asked in regards to Colloidal Silver

Common Colloidal Silver questions:

Ionic colloidal silver is a completely natural, liquid trace mineral supplement. The term * Colloid’ refers to a substance that consists of fine particles suspended within a liquid solution. ‘Ionic refers to an atom that is carrying at a net electrical charge. Because of this, the body has to employ much less energy in order to absorb minerals in their ionic state.

Thus, our ‘Ionic Colloidal Silver’ consists of sub-microscopic particles of silver, held in suspension in ultra-purified water and carries a tiny electrical charge which enables it to easily interact with the body.

Ionic Colloidal Silver is considered to be one of the most powerful natural immunity helping substance and is widely used as a mineral supplement to support your body’s immune system and to assist natural healing and detoxification. Externally, silver is known for its exceptional antiseptic and healing properties for skin conditions.

Researchers discern that colloidal silver works in the following ways, without causing tissue damage:

As a catalyst by disabling the enzyme that single-celled bacteria, viruses, and fungi use for metabolism and respiration 

As a potent carrier of oxygen, it releases bursts of oxygen which disables pathogens. 

By interacting with the DNA of viruses and thus inhibiting its replication

According to Dr. Gordon Pedersen, taking Colloidal Silver produces no adverse effect on beneficial, probiotic intestinal bacteria, such as acidophilus but destroys only the primitive cell structure of pathogens.

To our knowledge, there are no known interactions when ingesting Colloidal Silver. Some researchers say that Colloidal Silver may increase the effectiveness of antibiotics.

You can simply follow the suggestions given on the label, or click here to read about our dosage suggestions and the incremental dosage method, recommended by some health experts.

Argyria is a cosmetic skin condition characterised by bluish or greyish skin colour and sometimes wrongly associated as a potential ‘side effect’ of taking Colloidal Silver. However, it is relevant to know that no cases of argyria have ever been reported due to ingesting pure, commercially manufactured colloidal silver. The few rare cases of argyria that got reported were without an exemption the result of home- made silver salts (not properly manufactured colloidal silver) that were consumed at excessively high doses over long periods of time. Click here to learn more about the facts on argyria.

Product specific questions about our Colloidal Silver:

There has been a debate whether ionic or particulate colloidal silver is more effective. According to many renowned experts and researchers, it is the ionic silver that is more effective. Please click here for more information. Our solution is 85% silver and 15% particulate. It thus offers both criteria that comprise a silver of excellent quality.

Yes, please click here to see the excellent results.

Our Colloidal Silver has a concentration of 10 ppm. Please click here to learn why a higher ppm does not always mean a more potent product and what really determines the quality of a silver solution.

The typical particle size is in the range of .0001 to .000.8 um. Click here to see a transmission electron microscope photo of colloidal silver made with our technology.

According to laboratory tests, the product should keep indefinitely. But because our products are sold in NZ shops there is a ‘used by period’ label attached to each product which is within 2 years of manufacturing.

Our Colloidal Silver is transparent.

Colloidal Silver application questions:

It really depends on each individual: Many users prefer to take small amounts daily (5 to 10 ml) to counteract the fact that commercial farm soils have become deficient in trace minerals over the last 100 years as researchers recognised a correlation between low silver levels in the human body and its effect on the immune system. If your immune system needs support, you can experiment with the daily low nutritional dose and see if you notice a difference. Others only take it in times of an acute need (i.e. during winter ills and chills) which works fine for them.

Follow the directions of your healthcare professional. For a powerful support 30 to 40 ml, 3 times daily may be taken for 4 to 7 days; this often works well. If you are taking an intense dosage like that, it is recommended to drink 8 glasses of pure water (ideally not at the same time as the silver is taken) to help flush out toxins, as an intensive cleanse is initiated through the CS. Otherwise 20 ml, 2 to 3 times daily until a difference is noticed (normally within 7 days to 4 weeks) often works well in chronic cases. Children take ½ the adult dose.

As a daily trace mineral supplement, 5 to 10ml once daily is sufficient. Children take ½ the adult dose.

Some people think more is always better. We don’t agree: Many experts such as Daryl Tichy, an independent colloidal silver researcher from Brigham Young University finds it unnecessary and questionable to take high ppm concentrations of colloidal silver (some offer up to 200 ppm). Please Click here to learn why a higher ppm does not always mean a more potent product and what really determines the quality of a silver solution.

Always consult your healthcare professional with undiagnosed ear pain. For first aid, positive results have been reported by placing 3 drops of CS in the affected ear by lying on the opposite ear for 15 minutes in order to let the CS thoroughly drain into the ear canal. The process can be repeated several times every few hours.

Colloidal silver is effective to safely support the natural immune defenses of your eyes. Simply put 3 drops directly into the eye, 3 or 4 times a day. Alternatively, you can spray the silver as a fine mist across the eyes. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

When you are sick or not getting well, see your health professional. Using CS can very effectively support the treatment you are receiving when dealing with infections.

We had excellent feedback from our hypoallergenic nasal spray applicator: 2 sprays per nostril, 3 times a day. The internal use of bio-energised colloidal silver is also recommended.

Yes, it is worth a try; simply use the spray bottle to apply a fine mist onto the affected area, preferably after having washed your hair.

See your dentist for expert advice. Pain or bleeding gums (can be a sign of chronic plaque) need professional attention. However, for acute conditions, it has been reported that holding a mouthful of colloidal silver in your mouth for up to 10 minutes at the time may help to improve gum health. Other users add CS to their pulsating water jet device to get it under the gum line and/or apply it to their toothbrush each time they brush.

We have had great feedback on all sorts of skin conditions, from teenager break-outs to cuts, (sun) burns to chronic conditions. We recommend our colloidal silver gel, cream and spray applications. For chronic cases, we recommend our products in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle and if needed, the advice of a healthcare professional.

As a natural immune support, it has been found helpful to gargle with about 20ml of colloidal silver three to six times a day and to swallow after each gargling. Lying down while taking a good amount of CS into the mouth and holding the liquid there for as long as possible while slowly letting it run down the throat (a little at a time) keeps the silver in direct contact with the throat for as long as possible. Alternatively, the spray offers a more convenient option. As always, if symptoms persist or are severe, see your healthcare professional.

Patience is required: We recommend that you soak the affected nails in a suitable glass container for 30 minutes daily and to continue it ideally for the duration of the time it takes for the new nail to completely grow again while the affected area is being gradually clipped off. A quicker procedure may be to soak some gauze in CS, wrap it around the affected nail. The finger part of a rubber glove can be cut off and be used to hold the gauze around the affected toe or fingernail overnight. Repeat this for at least 2 weeks. Additionally, the internal use of CS liquid and/or the application of our gel or cream can also be helpful.

Yes, Colloidal Silver is used in burn centers worldwide because of its effectiveness: Dr. Magraff at Washington State University showed that silver works efficaciously to prevent and assist the healing of skin infections associated with severe burn victims. Spray colloidal silver onto the affected area of a minor (sun) burn, and repeat as needed to cool the skin and to soothe the pain. However, you must always see your doctor for potentially serious or severe burns.

Always consult your healthcare professional with undiagnosed symptoms. Colloidal Silver has been found to assist the lining of the stomach and intestines when the immune system needs support in these areas – especially in conjunction with probiotics such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and dietary modifications if needed.