Colloidal Silver Overview

Colloidal silver’s amazing ability to support the body’s immune system was rediscovered by leading contemporary scientists¹. Now you can utilise what they discovered and help your immune system effectively and naturally with our mineral supplement and skin care range

Who can benefit from Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal Silver Liquid

Anyone who:

• needs ongoing nutritional support for their immune system

• is susceptible during the ills & chills season wants to assist the body’s natural detoxification

• wants to assist the natural immune function of the eyes, nose, ears & mouth

• demands natural skin care that specifically helps your skin’s immune defenses

Colloidal Silver features:

• latest, computerised technology

• no additives / preservatives needed

• smallest micro size ionic silver particles for superior absorption & utilisation

• recommended by health professionals

• Vibrational essences in some skin care products

Some FAQ about Colloidal Silver:

Our Colloidal Silver is 10ppm as required by NZ law.

Under normal conditions we recommend giving the child half that of the adult dosage.

Argyria is a cosmetic skin condition characterised by bluish or greyish skin colour and sometimes wrongly associated as a potential ‘side effect’ of taking Colloidal Silver. However, it is relevant to know that no cases of argyria have ever been reported due to ingesting pure, commercially manufactured colloidal silver. The few rare cases of argyria that got reported were without an exemption the result of home- made silver salts (not properly manufactured colloidal silver) that were consumed at excessively high doses over long periods of time. Click here to learn about the facts about argyria.

According to laboratory tests, the product should keep indefinitely. But because our products are sold in NZ shops there is a ‘used by period’ label attached to each product which is within 2 years of manufacturing.

To our knowledge, there are no known interactions when ingesting Colloidal Silver. Some researchers say that Colloidal Silver may increase the effectiveness of antibiotics.

Researchers discern that colloidal silver works in the following ways, without causing tissue damage:

  • As a catalyst by disabling the enzyme that single-celled bacteria, viruses, and fungi use for metabolism and respiration.
  • As a potent carrier of oxygen, it releases bursts of oxygen which disables pathogens.
  • By interacting with the DNA of viruses and thus inhibiting its replication.

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