Safety Reports

Many scientific studies confirm the safety of Colloidal Silver. We have selected the following for the purpose of consumer education.

Microbiological challenge tests for Origin Health

Scientific report on 120 years of Nano-silver history determines its safety

To many people the word ‘Nano’ connotes to a ‘new’ or ‘unknown’ substance that was recently developed by high-tech science; however, in this independent research article the authors describe the 120-year-old history of Nano silver (and other silver containing products) and show their regulated and safe use across a wide range of common applications. You can read this article to learn about the expanded scientific knowledge that determines silver’s efficacy and safety.

Ref.15) 120 years of Nano-silver history – implications for policy makers

Comparative in-vitro toxicity study conducted at the University of Copenhagen on ionic silver, atomic gold and silver quantum clusters

The aim of this clinical study was to determine if Colloidal Silver (Ionosil brand) is toxic to cells, (using type 2 alveolar lung epithelial cell A549). It was conducted by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Copenhagen University, Denmark, in June 2007. The researcher compared the effects of ionic silver to atomic gold and silver quantum clusters on the cells to find indicators of cytotoxicity, potential DNA damage and inflammation No signs of toxicity, DNA damage or inflammation were observed due to the exposure of cells to Colloidal Silver.

Ref.16) pdf link

Human ingestion safety study (double-blind) on Colloidal Silver

This study (double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled) was performed by American Biotech Labs to determine if it safe for humans to take Colloidal Silver (10 ppm) as a supplement. 36 volunteers underwent a comprehensive metabolic, blood and platelet count, urine analysis, saliva test, inflammation evaluation, physical examinations, vital sign assessment and even magnetic resonance imaging of the chest and abdomen at the beginning of the study and at the end of each phase, which included a 3, 7 and 14 day exposure. The published abstract states that the ingestion of the colloidal silver supplement produced no negative effects on any tested system in the body. Ref.17)
Ref. 17) An in vivo human time exposure investigation of a commercial Silver Nano Particle Solution, M.A. Munger, P. Radwanski, G. J. Stoddard, A. Shaaban, D. Grainger, G. Yost, University of Utah, SLC, UT

Tests for acute oral toxicity, eye irritation, corrosion and dermal toxicity of Colloidal Silver Nano particles

Tests for acute oral toxicity, eye irritation, corrosion and dermal toxicity of colloidal silver Nano particles were conducted by the Department of Chemistry, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, in laboratory animals, following OECD guidelines. Ingestion at a dose of 5,000mg/kg showed no toxic signs; haematological analysis, blood chemistry analysis and the analysis of various organs showed no difference or no significant difference between control and treatment groups, no toxic signs were observed when various doses of silver was applied to guinea pigs eyes during a72 hour observation period, no skin abnormality was noted when examined microscopically. Ref.18)
Ref.18) An Evaluation of Acute Toxicity of Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles; Pattwat MANEEWATTANAPINYO, Wijit BANLUNARA, Chuchaat THAMMACHAROEN, Sanong EKGASIT, Theerayuth KAEWAMATAWONG, published online on 29th June 2011 in J- Stage


No cases of argyria were caused by “Colloidal Silver”.

The reason why you may have heard about people turning grey (ARGYRIA)
The EPA has to our knowledge no record on file of any person having contracted argyria through the use of properly manufactured and controlled, high quality, electrically generated liquid colloidal silver. All their records on file appear to date to the 1930’s (and earlier) and these cases were either linked to the ingestion of crude silver compounds, silver powder and the intravenous injection of silver compounds or it refers to a very few people who took excessive, unreasonable amounts and concentrations of self- made, poor quality silver salt/ protein formulations.
In the 1939 publication ‘Argyria, the pharmacology of silver’ by William R. Hill and Donald M. Pillbury pointed out that they were able to recognise 357 cases of argyria between 1700 and 19 39 in the United States. Ref.1). In these recorded cases the argyria was due to the ingestion or spraying of silver nitrates, ARGYROL (silver proteins for the nose between 100,000 and 300,000 ppm) and COLLARGOL (a silver protein ointment at 150,000ppm). In the only 2 cases where colloidal silver was taken the same patients had also taken ARGYROL.
Both authors pointed out that the absence of other physiological problems in people that were affected by argyria was “impressive”, in other words, the side effects were merely cosmetic and that the condition was, to some extent, reversible if a constraining protocol was followed. According to the authors, different forms of silver, not colloidal silver, may be dangerous if used in excess.
Ref.19) Report by William R. Hill and Donald M. Pillbury on the 300 reported cases of argyria in the publication ‘Argyria- The Pharmacology of Silver’, 1939, p. 69
The facts about reported cases of argyria in the media (not caused by Colloidal Silver)

The Paul Karason Case

Known as the most famous case of argyria, Paul Karason appeared in many American TV shows in 2008, followed by millions of spectators in the US. Karason had been drinking around 1 litre of home-made Colloidal Silver daily (several 100 ppm concentration) for 14 years! Furthermore, he added sodium to improve the conductivity and to speed up the manufacturing process of the colloidal silver. The fact is that Paul Karason had ingested silver salts and consumed around 200 times the maximum daily limits recommended by the EPA for 14 years. Ref.20)

Ref. 20) The Silver Colloid association on Paul Karason;

The Stan Jones Case

Like Paul Karason, Mr. Jones used self-made ‘colloidal silver’ and added salt to speed up the production; apparently, he used tap water and left his machine running for an hour. He consumed 250 ml daily for three years. He reported that while taking his silver, his psoriasis was cured. During an interview with a health journalist Stan Jones also added that he was not as ‘blue’ as the media reported (only minor discoloration) and even mentioned that a circulating photo of him had been faked. Fact is that he drank silver salts and had consumed about 50 times the maximum dose recommended by the EPA. Ref.21)
Ref.21) Interview with Stan Jones by health journalist Steve Barwick

The Rosemary Jacobs Case

Rosemary Jacobs appeared in the media during the late 1990’s. She developed argyria after using extremely highly concentrated (about 100,000 to 300,000 ppm) silver nasal solution in the 1960’s to treat her chronic cold. The silver was combined with proteins to extend its lifespan; therefore it was not colloidal silver. It is difficult to estimate the daily dose because it is not known how many drops she applied per day (if she took just 10 drops this would have been the equivalent of consuming 70 times the dose recommended by the EPA). Fact is, she did not use colloidal silver but rather silver proteins at unreasonable concentrations. Ref.22)

Ref. 22) ‘Silver, the neglected antibiotic’, the author reporting on Rosemary Jones;