Ionic vs Particulate

There has been a discussion wether particulate Colloidal Silver is more effective than ionic Colloidal Silver. Due to the convincing research we have come across and due to the feedback we receive from customers, we can only confirm the amazing effectiveness of IONIC Colloidal Silver.

What's the diffference? The advantage of Ionic Silver:

The scientific findings

1) The scientific findings of R.D. Todd

The U.S Army medic R.D. Todd conducted laboratory trials that demonstrated that Ionic Colloidal Silver is at least 100 times more powerful than particulate silver. 

 Natural Immunogenics proves the superiority of Ionic Silver over Particulate Colloidal Silver at the link below and at paragraph 5/ below.

Study shows ionic silver to be up to 10,000 times more effective than metallic silver; click here.

Below is an excerpt taken from a comparative study he performed:

“The results were astonishing! With or without the HCl (Hydrochloric acid) mixture added, the Staphylococcus cultures (both S-1 and S-2) on the plates were virtually eradicated in just four minutes when treated with ionic silver. But the culture plates treated with the so-called “true colloid” particulate silver showed only a slight reduction in the bacterial count!

The main findings of his study showed that Ionic Colloidal Silver eliminated all S. Aureus microorganisms within 4 minutes of exposure, when in fact the particulate form of Silver exhibited only a slight antibacterial action:

Before being treated with HCl, the silver ions kill the bacteria in four minutes. Ionic silver is at least 100 times more powerful than the mere particular form of silver.

Silver particulates, (which contain a small number of silver ions), lose almost all their antibacterial activity when the small ionic silver component is removed (a result of the reaction with HCl).

In comparison, the loss of antibacterial activity in ionic silver, when in contact with HCl is negligible.

After being treated with HCl, under the same experimental conditions, the ionic­ silver is shown to be 10,000 times more powerful than the mere particulate form of silver.

2) Rice University studies show that Ionic Colloidal Silver is more effective

A study  conducted by researchers from Rice University in the US was published in the journal ‘Nano Letters’ in 2012: it concluded that it is the silver ions that have the antibacterial power, yet hardly the silver particulates, which are also known as ‘metallic silver’. The study was given the unambiguous title:

“Ions, not particles, make silver toxic to bacteria.

(Ref.24) Study conducted by researchers at Rice University: “Ions, not particles make silver toxic to bacteria”.

 3) The findings of renowned Dr. Robert O. Becker, bestselling author

During the 80’s, acclaimed Silver expert Dr. Robert O. Becker researched the effectiveness of electrically generated silver ions at Syracuse University. He also credited the ability of silver to fight pathogens to silver ions, using Ionic Colloidal Silver.
According to an article written by Steve Barwick of The Silver Edge who is a health journalist entitled, “Ionic Versus Particulate Colloidal Silver: the Great Debate,” ionic colloidal silver is better. Here’s an excerpt of Mr. Barwick’s article:
“Actually, ionic colloidal silver solutions are not in the least bit inferior to particulate colloidal silver solutions. Unfortunately, the myth that the particulate form of colloidal silver is somehow superior to the ionic form has been perpetrated by some individuals on the internet who have a financial self-interest in selling an overly-expensive bottled commercial particulate-based colloidal silver product.
The reality is that the ionic form of colloidal silver is the form used in hundreds of clinical studies carried out since the early 1900’s. Even Dr. Robert O. Becker’s ground-breaking research into the effectiveness of electrically generated silver ions, conducted at Syracuse Medical University during the 1970’s and 1980’s, attributed the astonishing [benefits] of silver to the silver ion, i.e., the ionic form.

What’s more, Dr. Becker used a small electrical device that generated very low micro-amps of current in order to produce his silver ions within the human body — a device very much like the tiny colloidal silver generators used today which also exclusively make the ionic form of colloidal silver ingested by millions of people across North America…”.

4) More than 180 studies determine the effectiveness of Ionic Silver

Various studies that proved the effectiveness of Ionic Silver were performed at the ‘Brooke Army Medical Center’ in Texas, US. This world famous Army Burn Treatment Centre was at the forefront of research in treating burns and conducted analysis on silver usage in medicine for decades. Their studies confirmed that silver must be present in ionic form to speed up the healing process.
In Albert T. Mc Manus’s, MD, words:
conversion of silver to silver ions is necessary for efficacy.”
Head of Microbiology at the Burn Centre
183 further clinical studies refer to the astonishing effectiveness of the ionic form of Colloidal Silver and are listed in ‘The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual.
(Ref.26) The ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, p.126 to 139

5) Natural Immunogenics proves the superiority of Ionic Silver over Particulate Colloidal Silver

There is considerable discussion regarding whether the ionic silver or particulate form of colloidal silver is more effective.
One such example of this debate was the US Company MesoSilver who claimed that their silver colloids (metallic form of silver) are more effective at eliminating pathogens than silver ions. Their product is about 90% particulate colloidal while most ionic/colloidal silver on the market is typically 75-95% ionic. MesoSilver claimed that ionic silver is converted to silver chloride in the stomach by coming in contact with hydrochloric acid, thereby becoming ineffective.
In contrast, the company Natural Immunogenics, (manufacturer of ‘Argentyn23’) stated that it is the ionic portion which is more effective at destroying pathogens. Their product is about 95% ionic.
In order to resolve the dispute, John W. Roberts, PhD, of Natural Immunogenics performed a comparative analysis study to compare the antimicrobial effect of metallic (particulate) vs ionic silver. Ref.27)
Using a controlled study model, both ‘MesoSilver’ and ‘Argentyn23’ were diluted with hydrochloric acid to neutralize the few ions in MesoSilver. The two products were also diluted to 20 PPM each to be able to compare them directly. They then combined the remaining fractions of Mesosilver and Argentyn with two different strains of Staphylococcus Aureus (S-1 and S-2). The dilutions were placed on petri plates and graded as to their effectiveness in destroying the pathogens.