Information & Storage

Listed below is information on storage and other information in relation to our Colloidal Gold product

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• Do not store the products at high temperatures (above about 60 degrees); avoid extreme changes in temperatures, e.g. keeping it in a car – this could damage the product.

• Store the bottle away from direct sunlight

• Please don’t drink directly from the bottle, use the dispenser cup or a spoon.

• It’s best to avoid pouring any unused liquid back into the bottle. • It’s best to avoid storing the product within a strong electrical or magnetic field.

What the Experts have to say...

Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions to gold are extremely uncommon but possible. If you are allergic to metallic gold your body would produce an allergic reaction when you come into contact with it, such as through wearing gold jewelry. Do not use when you are allergic to gold. If you are not sure if you are allergic to gold, apply a few drops to your wrist to see if an allergic reaction (e.g. a rash) takes place. If you do not notice a reaction within 40 minutes you can be very certain not to have an allergy to gold.

Technological Advancement

The technology we use to manufacture our colloidal gold is the result of years of research in the colloidal technology industry. The quality of our colloidal gold has been independently tested by the Auckland University laboratory in New Zealand. Hence we are able to offer a Colloidal Gold of outstanding quality, purity, and resonance.


Our Colloidal Gold is a ruby red coloured liquid and transparent. The colour appears to change from light ruby red (in the beaker) to a light pinkish when on a teaspoon (due to less density), sometimes slightly different reddish/ pinkish hues could be present due to it being a totally natural product without the addition of colour or stabilising agents. At 20 ppm concentration and due to its extremely small particle size, the colour is a desirable ruby red.


Our product is completely free from any stabilisers or additives. It just contains nano-sized particles of 24 k gold and ultra-pure, energised water. Some bottles may show very slight sediment at the bottom of the glass bottle if the bottle has not been moved in a long time. This is a natural process commonly found with colloids or herbal preparations: When the bottle is moved, the sediment instantly becomes part of the colloidal solution again. This natural sediment is not agglomeration and is completely harmless.