Colloidal Gold Lab Report

Our Colloidal Gold solution’s lab test was performed by Dr. Geoff Waterhouse, senior lecturer for the School of Chemical Sciences at the University of Auckland

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Lab Report Summary of the Data Collected

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Microscopy analysis:

Indicates that the majority of the gold colloids are of size less than 10 nm (< 10 nm). Overall, the colloid solution appears very stable and the colloids free from aggregation. Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) TEM analysis was used to evaluate the size and shape of the gold colloids. A selection of TEM images taken at different magnification is shown below. The size of the gold colloids can be determined by comparison with the scale bar on each image. Most colloids have a diameter of < 10 nm (~ 5 nm); very few particles show to be slightly larger (~ 15 to 20 nm in size). The gold colloids are of spherical or elliptical shape.

colloidal gold lab test
Our Test Results by Dr. Geoff Waterhouse

Absorbance Spectroscopy:

The gold colloid solution showed an absorption band at 522 nm, which is typical for gold colloids of size less than 20 nm. This absorption band is the green part of the visible spectrum, and hence the gold solution appears red when viewed under white light (i.e. we see the other wavelengths of the visible light not absorbed by the gold colloid solution).

C.O.A of our Gold Wire.

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C.O.A Certificate on our Colloidal Gold Wire: