My dog, 2.5 kg yorkie

How Colloidal Silver made A big difference to her dog’s health.
Her Words ( Thank you for saving my dog.)

A customers story

My dog, yorkie

.My dog, yorkie, was imported from abroad a year ago. She was diagnosed with rhinitis (bacteria or virus in her nose) and put on antibiotics a week before she came to New Zealand. There was a positive progress in the beginning but it turned worse when the dog was released from quarantine in Auckland.

At first, it was a running nose only. We went to a very good vet in the city, however, she couldn’t decide on the exact diagnosis and suspected anything from cold to cancer. 

Things getting worse

Things were going even worse when dog’s nose became half blocked. The dog was snoring like an adult man. She was put on a HUGE dose of antibiotics. Nothing helped and they had to change drugs every second week. Steroids were added. Not only there was no improvement, dog’s nose became completely blocked. She had an operation that cost me more than $1600. No improvement.
All these were ongoing for a few months (a bit less than half a year all together I think) and cost me > $5K. We tried everything else we could: steam baths, beetroot juice, sucking out the nasty discharges. I would like to stress that there was not the smallest improvement. That time my dog was taking about 5 pills a day and having a special breathing mask twice daily. 

Finally, the dog stopped sleeping. She couldn’t do it anymore because her nose was completely blocked and she breathed with her mouth open and a hanging tongue. It was a horrible picture indeed.

I was ready to try anything. 

Exactly by that time, I met my neighbor who also had a dog, and she advised trying liquid silver because it helped her dog with a bad ear infection. I heard very little about colloidal silver before, but my dog was actually half dead (couldn’t sleep or eat) and I was ready to try anything.

I chose (origin Health Ltd) because you had an easy navigation, very quick delivery and better prices, so I ordered Colloidal Silver Drops. What was happening later was shocking (to be honest, I didn’t believe it would help). We put about 5 drops in her nose twice daily for 2-5 days. 

It was completely gone

.Whatever she had was completely gone. I mean COMPLETELY. Just imagine, it cost me about $10 and took less than 5 days. It’s been a year now and her nose has been perfect (we haven’t repeated the application).

My partner is a nerdy IT guy and it’s impossible to make him believe in natural treatments. He does believe in properties of colloidal silver now after he saw everything with his own eyes. Myself used to work as a science research assistant in a project where we studied disinfecting properties of chemicals, and I thought I knew everything on the topic.

The only thing I regret is not documenting what’s described above. However, I have all medical reports from our vet and they easily prove that no treatment was useful until we tried liquid silver. My dog is absolutely full of energy and is completely healthy now.