Animal Colloidal Silver 1000ml Plastic Bottle, HDPE No: 2 (Food Grade)

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Dear animal friend,

You probably heard about Colloidal Silver being used for animal care and want to learn more. CS is a liquid trace element supplement that can be used internally as well as applied externally to support the immune system of humans and animals alike. Sometimes it’s all that is needed to make a dramatic difference to your pet’s well-being.

Depending on your pet and its docility, you can mix colloidal silver

with wet food, add it to their drinking water or use a feeding syringe.

Each animal is unique and has a dosage requirement that can be affected

by their age, body size, their level of activity, the accumulation of

toxins or the state of the digestive system. However, the dosages listed

on the bottle are general suggestions that have shown to be effective in many

cases to support your pet’s immune response:


pure, 99.999% ionic colloidal silver, naturally suspended in

ultra-purified , Grander energised 'living' water (taken to 100%

purity) at time of manufacture. Use as directed or follow the

directions of your health care professional

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